Our History

QA Technology was founded in 2017 by individuals that wanted to help organisations and individuals to deliver challenging software products and IT solutions. We focus on test disciplines that we have regularly demonstrated and believe in.

We have experience in manual, automation, management, planning as well as areas that are not expected from testing such as devops, SCRUM and product ownership. We utilize all of our experience to provide a clear view and actionable plan of what is required to deliver.

We have a culture of innovate as much as we can, identifying and implementing smarter ways of doing things, everything can be improved which is what QA Technology focus on while managing the risk of cost and productivity.

What makes us unqiue

Technical Ability

We are constantly reviewing and retraining to become relevant and lead the software testing capability of software development. Not only do we understand how to approach and execute but we are able to:

  • Challenge development decisions and provide solutions
  • Identify and explain technical risk
  • Operate autonomously where others would rely on technical specialties



We pride ourselves on being able to shape and lead work which we have demonstrated across all of our clients. 

We also work in a way to teach others how to maintain the quality assurance practise that is implemented by coaching your staff and provide support post engagement.

We step in to eradicate disorder and bring focus to projects no matter how far along they are.

Some of our previous clients